Creating responsive newsletters in half an hour

  • Direct loading of items from your site/eshops
  • Integrated approval process
  • Easy and fast preparation newsletter
  • add elements through drag and drop
  • Optimized for modern email clients

Main advantages VIVgenerator

Drag and drop

Select the element you want to use and drag it to the template using your mouse . How simple is that? Fast and practical

XML a CSV import

In VIVgenerator You can also use products . Just upload an XML feed from your e-shop , and then drag the product into the template.

Clear interface

Creating newsletters,that everyone can control, without any knowledge of HTML / CSS . Clear interface with all the tools needed to create a newsletter .

Time saving

Time of newsletters preparation is reduced from tens of hours to 1-2 hours and final HTML is fully compatible with Silverpop tool.

Error prevention

There is no way email will be sent with incorrect or invalid UTM parameters. Errors in the HTML code and disintegration of newsletter is no longer possible.

Tagging UTM

Don’t waste your time by creating links with UTM parameters and then inserting it into the code manualy. VIVgenerator automatically marks links for analytical tools like Google Analytics.


Responsiveness is nowadays standard. More and more users (50%+) are using mobile devices to make purchases on you e-shop. So what about the responsive newsletter?

Integrated process

VIVgenerator offers two ways of proofread . We create the newsletter and client then proofread it or client creates the whole newsletter by himself.

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How can VIVgenerator help you

Manage your client´s newsletters simply

Administration of VIVgenerator provides you with easy managing of multiple clients simultaneously with approval processes and proofreading . You will now effectively create a template and approval with proofing on the clients side is then very simple.

Simply, quickly and efficiently

The classic process of creating a newsletter now seems that the graphics prepared in Photoshop entire email (This email is neresponsivní, has no such results as a mobile friendly templates and unlike our study is about 30% in metrics such as open rate, CTR, CVR. The very intensity of graphics varies according to the length NWL about 5-15 hours. Subsequent treatment of the generated code section and Photoshop takes about 1 -2 hours (you need to edit the newsletter to be disintegrating at gmail list, outlook).

Followed wheel proofreading and editing others where it is necessary to go beyond the visuals, edit PSD in Photoshop, again vygenevrovat additional proofreading and play on the server.

Which again takes 1-2 hours. Subsequent testing, the addition of UTM parameters, sending testovacícho NWL and final proofing takes about another 2-3 hours. Together creating graphical NWL Thus, according to our experience takes about 9-20 hours.

Time making individual newsletters

You can not form a newsletter? You do not know HTML?

So we have good news you do not already know HTML and its newsletter simply create the XML feed, which has surely have to and

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Reviews from clients of VIVgenerator

  • We were using VIVgenerator from the very first version, which was quite difficult to use for the final product. Currently, VIVgenerator makes the creation of newsletters simple and fast so our marketing department is more efficient. Responsiveness, simplicity and UTM parameters makes VIVgenerator a must have tool..

    Ferdinand Valent

    Marketing Manažer,
  • I’m using VIVgenerator in O2 Czech Republic a.s. since August 2015. With this tool, I became a “coder” without a deep knowledge of HTML and CSS code. I can always add or remove any element in the template, without any support of our busy coders. Thanks to VIVgenerator I also know that emails will be displayed correctly in all email clients, whether on the desktop or mobile device. I cannot imagine creating emails without generator today. Thank you, Generator!! :)

    Zdeněk Růžička

    Online Marketing Specialist, O2 Czech Republic